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Author Archives: Sazi

If I had only known…

…ten things I wish I could tell my younger self… 1. love and be kind to yourself – Those things you hate and work so hard to hide… The flush in your cheeks that betray all your emotions, the layer of flesh that cushions your bones, your thoughts that race a million miles a minute, your … Continue reading »

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Ignorance is bliss?

My sister went off to college when I was about 11 and in an instant I lost my unwilling idol.  About the same time Andee, my cousin moved to town to live with her dad, Uncle Pat.  I kept my horse at Pat’s house, in a pasture next to a pond full of trout and catfish … Continue reading »

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The Birds Know the Secrets…

… the bus bounced over the road straddling a baked pile of hair that had once been alive and flattened a reptile that frantically tried to outrun it’s impending doom while inside the bus Ruby’s heart became ever more hardened as her defenses tried to overcome her inevitable defeat. She sat directly behind the driver, … Continue reading »

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Ride On

When Lucas turned 16 and I turned closer to 40, I decided we needed motorcycles. I claimed it was to celebrate his driver’s license and graduation from dirt to street riding, knowing full well that everyone recognized the beginning of a mid-life crisis. We stepped off the plane in Orlando with backpacks full of tents … Continue reading »

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