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If I had only known…

Posted by on October 25, 2015


…ten things I wish I could tell my younger self…

1. love and be kind to yourself – Those things you hate and work so hard to hide… The flush in your cheeks that betray all your emotions, the layer of flesh that cushions your bones, your thoughts that race a million miles a minute, your big ole wild hair… Love and cherish it all. When the flush is gone and all your emotions are devoured with pain, when you are nothing but bones, when your ability to think is diminished with sickness, when your hair is falling out and you’re unable to take care of what’s left… You will wish with all your heart that you had been loving, kind and appreciative to yourself, instead of harsh, intolerant and mean.
2. own your strength- If you don’t want to do something. Don’t do it. If you need something. Ask for it. If you want something. Go get it. Whatever it is, make it happen for you. You are stronger and more powerful than you can even fathom. Owning and using your strength will earn you respect and admiration from yourself and others. The belief that you will be considered a bitch and hated for your strength, is complete and total bullshit.
3. follow your gut- It was right every time.
4. expectations are the enemy- Eliminate them the moment they appear. Expectations will create doubt, fear, dissatisfaction and distraction, the sooner you are done with them, the better.
5. justifications and approval are addictive and a waste of time- Trust me, stop seeking them now.
6. try many, many things and do only those that you’d do for free- master what you love and understand how valuable your passion is, accept compensation for the things you love to do because you’re worth it and the whole belief that you can only be paid for what you don’t necessarily enjoy doing, is absolute bullshit.
7.  NEVER allow yourself to be treated any differently than you would want your child to be treated, ALWAYS behave the way you’d want your child to behave- Without exception. The unrestricted possibilities, love, joy, respect and success that you want for them, you deserve too. So act like it, every single second. If anyone is disrespectful or abusive in anyway to your child, what would you want them to do? If you are ever undecided about a situation, honestly answer what you’d want them to do in the exact same situation,then do that. Once you are a parent, this will become your responsibility, so master it.
9. sleep, eat, drink and play every single stinking chance you get, these are your fuel- Deprivation, suffering and pain do nothing for you, they will not help you get farther, achieve more or be better in any way.
10. vulnerability is not weakness and rejection is not failure– Let yourself be vulnerable and when that vulnerability is met with rejection, be grateful for the gift of redirection and seize the very next opportunity to be vulnerable again. Building walls will not protect you, they will only stand in your way.

3 Responses to If I had only known…


    hello!this is extremely nice site!

  2. Briah Jardin

    Such wisdom, Sazi. Thank you. ❤️

  3. Jia

    Thank you, Sazi. I needed to read this post. So much of what I am going through feels as though I am rebuilding my life and these are some great foundation guidelines.

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